Nautilus Nitro® Plus Abdominal

The Nautilus Nitro® Plus Abdominal machine is the only true abdominal crunch machine.

* Four-bar linkage provides a moving axis of rotation that simulates the body's moving axis of rotation, increasing user safety
* Combination of elbow and back pads with hand grips provide upper body stabilization, eliminating lower back muscles' static involvement
* Leg anchoring ankle pads provide lower body stabilization
* Controlled motion movement arms isolates abdominal sheath, eliminating hip flexor involvement

Height 54"/137 cm
Length 41"/104 cm
Width 42"/107 cm
Machine Weight 514 lbs/234 kg
Weight Stack 200 lbs/91 kg

Warranty Information
All Nautilus Nitro™ Plus machines are covered by the following warranty to the original owner:

* Twelve years - Frames, welded moving parts and weight stacks.
* Three years - For any moving part or parts under normal use and service not otherwise disclosed in this warranty.
* One year - Labor warranty.
* Six months - Upholstery, pads, grips, and tethered weight stack pins.

Color Information
Frame Colors: Arctic White, Black, Power House Granite Gray, Silver
Shield Colors: Arctic White, Light Gray
Upholstery Colors: Azure Blue, Royal Blue, Jade Green, Grotto Green, Turquoise, Plum, Candy Apple Red, Raspberry, Crocus, Charcoal Gray, Black, Dove Gray

Note: Custom colors are available upon request. Color swatch samples are available from Exercise & Leisure.

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